Dry January

I Survived Dry January (and You Can Too)

It was a late December night and over fishbowl sized glasses of red wine, I was Skyping with an old friend about planning our upcoming high school reunion.  2 hours later, the Skype call ended and so did my bottle.…

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#ICYMI January Trendlines

In case you missed it, the sublime, the serious and the silly regarding all things women, beauty and culture.  This month, better high heels, middle-aged supermodels, a skin cancer savior, IRL Benjamin Button and everyone’s favorite, slut shaming. 1)…

Winter Skin

The 2016 Ultimate Hand Cream Guide

I’ve come to expect a lot from the $265 billion dollar beauty industry, but when it comes to hand cream I’ve been let down. In the past, my search for soft hands has left me with nothing but greasy…


Could I Have it All if I Won Powerball?

  I’d like to think I’m immune to the lure of Powerball jackpots.  All that hoping and dreaming feels naïve when you consider the odds.  Besides, I’m capable of making my own fortune and don’t want to spend my…

2016 Trends

The Next Big Thing: 2016 Top Trends

Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion is not something that exists in dress only.  Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”. And there comes a point in life where being interesting trumps just being…

detox diets
Nutrition The Body

New Year, New Me? 8 Diet Detoxes Reviewed

December was the month I ate all my favorite foods: thin crust pizza from Farinella, chinese food from Shun Lee, hot chocolate from No Chewing Allowed and smoked salmon from Barney Greengrass.   Throw in some Panettone and sushi –…

hangover remedy

Hangover Helper

Good morning sunshine.  This is a repost from 1/1/2013, but a great hangover cure never goes out of style albiet with some tweaks. *** I hope I’m not too late. Even if I am, medical evidence shows that what…

Mood Point of View

Have We Met?

Happy New Year! It’s been well over a year since I posted so I thought a proper reintroduction is in order before I start bombarding your inbox with tales of my latest adventures in medical beauty and anti-aging. Where…

vi peel, chemical peel
Complexion Dermatology

Review: The Vi Peel Reveal

Earlier this month, I shared my love of chemical peels and how they’ve made a real difference in my skin from an anti-aging perspective.  Thru the years I’ve tried Vitalize, Illuminize, Bx-Lift, as well as a variety of glycolics…