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Beauty Beat 8.10.13: Breaking Bad With Princesses, Jasmine And Beyonce


Here are 7 things that happened this week that are vaguely connected to beauty:

1. Beyonce gets a hair cut; the Internet reacts. Seriously people, women do these things.  Lets move on and not care too much.  I like a woman who flexes her options, whether they be good or bad.


2. Haircuts aside, check out the the best bra ad ever.  Wait for the ending.  Proof this bra works.

3. The Aqualillies are coming to body of water near you. This troupe is bent on bringing respectability, style and art to the oft mocked world of synchronized swimming.  And they’re a happening.  Now lets this happen for baton twirling….


Credit: Katie Orlinsky/Reportage by Getty Images

4. Speaking of flowers, if you haven’t seen Blue Jasmine yet, GO, especially if you’re a Woody Allen fan. Cate Blanchett plays a well to do middle aged woman hitting rock bottom – actually, it’s negative rock bottom – who swats at reinvention. Blanchett is so good, she’s almost uncomfortable to watch. Surprise appearances by Andrew Dice Clay and Bobby Cannavale – the funky spunk guy from SATC.  Best line in the movie: “he’s sexy and he doesn’t steal”.  It’s comedy/tragedy at it’s best.

5. And because life doesn’t always have a happy ending, there’s Fallen Princesses.  Photographer Dina Goldstien visually tells the story of Disney Princesses dealing with the messy realities of life.  As ironic as the series is, I like the message for young girls.  There is no prince on a white horse, it’s you baby.  And I know that look on Snow White’s face all too well…

Photo credit Dina Goldstien

Photo credit Dina Goldstien

6. Breaking news; women want to look permanently middle age, specifically 45.  Apparently the goal is to look senior enough to signal experience, but not too much.  What’s kind of good about this is that at least there’s acknowledgement that it isn’t normal or natural to look 20 when you’re 50, although it’s disappointing so many women feel they have a career shelf life.

7. Lest you need inspiration for that marathon, look no farther than  The Awesomeness of Barbaran Walters.  Can we we just pause for a moment and reflect that no only has she overcome sexism early in her career, but she’s endured for 5 decades.  I have to say, she doesn’t look bad for 83 either.  Proof that life is a marathon, not a sprint.


And last, this has nothing to do with beauty, butI can’t hold it in…I’m so excited for the BREAKING BAD this weekend!  For whatever reason, I completely connect with Lydia, the single mom executive who’s a drug lord on the side.  I’m not single, nor am I a drug lord (to be clear) but I get her maternal drive and admire her crafty ingenuity.  I also have the same sunglass she wore when she met Mike in the diner (see above). Read more here in “Yo Bitch! The Complicated Feminism of Breaking Bad”



  1. That bra was made for me! Apparently Japanese know how to make push-up bras much better. They are fitted to gather all the flesh and muscles between your armpit and your breast and push them into the cup. Sounds awfully uncomfortable but clearly it works!

  2. I love your blog! And you’re right, Barbara Walters is awesome!

    • Hey thanks Russell

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