hangover remedy

Hangover Helper

Good morning sunshine.  This is a repost from 1/1/2013, but a great hangover cure never goes out of style albiet with some tweaks. *** I hope I’m not too late. Even if I am, medical evidence shows that what…

Mood Point of View

Have We Met?

Happy New Year! It’s been well over a year since I posted so I thought a proper reintroduction is in order before I start bombarding your inbox with tales of my latest adventures in medical beauty and anti-aging. Where…

vi peel, chemical peel
Complexion Dermatology

Review: The Vi Peel Reveal

Earlier this month, I shared my love of chemical peels and how they’ve made a real difference in my skin from an anti-aging perspective.  Thru the years I’ve tried Vitalize, Illuminize, Bx-Lift, as well as a variety of glycolics…

Beutiful bouquet of flowers

The Art of Giving the Perfect Hostess Gift

In the spirit of Festivus and the “Airing of the Grievances” I am going to declare that I hate hostess gifts. What’s turned me bah humbug are years of receiving tokens that feel more like obligations than thoughtful gestures.…

Make up

5 Makeup Tricks That Changed My Life Forever

I’ve been playing with make-up for the better part of 4 decades, so didn’t think there was much left to master in my bag of beauty tricks. Until last spring, when I had a professional make-up artist take stock…

freckles, melasma, sun damage, hyperpigmentation

Freckles or Melasma. Can You Spot the Difference?

Thanks to multiple childhood summers spent at the Jersey Shore (Stone Harbor, no Snookie) and genetics, I’ve been permanently stamped with a liberal sprinkling of freckles across the bridge of my nose and the apples of my cheeks. While…

envy in other women

7 Things I Envy About Other Women

It’s the end of a long work-day and I’m caught in the thick of the rotisserie chicken panic at Whole Foods, where moms like me scramble for dinner redemption. Scorching hot chicken in one hand, groceries, purse and gym…

Ultherapy treatment review
Laser treatments

90 Day Review: Is Ultherapy Worth It?

Back in early May I vented about my Bermuda Triangle of Sag; that treacherous intersection of my chin dumpling, emerging jowls and jawline that seems increasingly unable to resist the siren song of gravity. I’ve been told his gift…