My Fantastically Feral Beauty Day Off

I have a confession.  I have a love-hate relationship with beauty.   I can chalk this up to the fact that I’m a Gemini, or just admit that sometimes I get tired of keeping up with it all.…

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Plastic Surgery Second Opinions

Can Money Buy Perfect Arms?

In my dreams I would have graceful, supple, arms that don’t make me pause before slipping into sleeveless sheath dresses like the ones Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Selina Meyer wears in Veep. I wouldn’t stop at sheath dresses.  I might cut…

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Crowning Glory Dermatology

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

My attachment to my long hair rivals Samson’s.  Growing up in the 1970s my mother imprisoned my budding femininity in a pixie cut.  The beauty credo she was trying to instill in me was “nothing is prettier than practical” and believed long hair would attract…

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10 Things I Learned About Surviving Breast Cancer

It’s the end of October and I’m sick of the color pink despite all the good intentions behind it.  8 years ago I survived triple negative breast cancer, so you would think I would be fervently pinkalicious.  But instead,…